How to accelerate my B2B Sales in complex Buying Journeys

How do you help your B2B customer to buy from you? In many cases, this is the key to your success. Selling to large organizations can be a complex and long process, however, at the same time from the customer’s perspective buying services/products from a supplier can be a challenging and frustrating process as well.…More

Evolution of AIDA – building on the foundation of marketing

Discussion about changes in marketing is bubbling allover the web. LinkedIn -groups, Twitter, SlideShare… are full of opinions about best tricks in today’s marketing environment.  As we all know, the playground has evolved. However, I don’t think much has really changed in human behavior towards marketing and the foundations are the same. People are still influenced…More

Identifying your best B2B potential by prospect mapping – Step 6/6: Nurturing and Content Marketing

Step 6: Nurturing and Content Marketing The purpose for starting this process was to find new potential customers for your business. After going through a careful target group design, potential mapping, marketing concept planning,  data segmentation and activating the top 20% leads – you should now focus on a long-lasting lead nurturing and content marketing activity. From…More


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