Identifying your best B2B potential by prospect mapping – Step 3/6: Plan a Content Marketing process

Step 3: Plan a Content Marketing process

As the survey / interview is on its way, you should start planning a content process for the mapped target group. You will be deciding, what kind of content you send to decision makers according to their stage in the buying process. For example, if a decision maker will be investing in 6 months time – you are likely to use direct marketing, customer references / reference videos, events and of course telebooking for face-to-face meetings with the prospect.

Make a table of different stages in the buying process and plan a content + timetable for each action. Then choose the marketing channel according to the target group. As an example: I worked for 5 years for a professional kitchen equipment dealer, being responsible for overall marketing and sub-dealer sales. Our target group was restaurant owners and kitchen chefs. It was no use trying to reach these people with email marketing or web content. Direct mail, face-to-face meetings and events was the best way to influence this group. And of course, don’t forget that your message has to be clear and unique to stand out from the competition. Think – What are the key benefits of your product or service, that will convince the decision maker?

If you don’t have resources to do this by our self, there are many great B2B marketing agency’s who can help you to build up a concept and process for content marketing approach. If you are looking for one – have a look at a list of winners from B2B Marketing Awards 2012.

Content Marketing Grid v2 crated by Eloqua and Jess3, is a profound yet simple illustration of content marketing and gives you a general idea what this is all about.

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