Identifying your best B2B potential by prospect mapping – Step 4/6: Data Segmentation

Finding your leadsStep 4: Data segmentation

After the interviews are over, you will have some data to analyze. From my experience the mapped target group will consist of about 20% of warm leads (we can call this group one), that are likely to invest in the near future and willing to hear more about your products and services. They have good knowledge of the market and are looking for the best solution to their business.

The second group will consist of about 20-30% of leads that are somewhat interested of your products or services, but have no plans to invest in the near future. Usually people in this group have a challenge that needs to be resolved, but the pain is not yet big enough to start making investment decisions. However, keep in mind that this second group is highly important for you, because here lays your future potential.

For the remaining data 50-60% you need to do following: 1.Take out the non-potential contacts and save them in a separate file. By doing this you ensure, that in the future mappings you will not take them in a new target group. 2. There will be some companies and contacts that did not answer to your survey, but are a likely potential for you in the future. Make also a separate file out of these contacts and save them for the next potential mapping.

I hope this post was helpful for you. I am happy to get feedback from all B2B Sales and Marketing professionals. Tell me your way – how do you find the potential from the market and generate sales?


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