Joona MäntyvaaraI currently work for Questback as a Key Account Manager – helping our customers to collect and manage customer experience data. (CX, CEM)

I have previously worked for a B2B Marketing Agency MicroMedia – a Finnish company, which focuses on B-to-B marketing, lead generation and target group design. MicroMedia’s passion is to help B-to-B sales organizations to accelerate sales by careful planning of target groups, listening and designing powerful marketing and lead generation processes. MicroMedia is a Winner of B2B Marketing Awards 2012: Best use of direct mail.

I have been working in sales, marketing-, and IT project management roles for over 10 years. I own a Masters degree in International Business (Sophia Antipolis, France), Bachelors in Business Administration (Helsinki, Finland) and Diploma of Marketing (Dublin, Ireland).

As life is full of content – this blog will be filled by views and insights in B2B Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience. This is a personal blog. I am writing it for love, interest and passion for B2B Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience.  I hope you will find this blog helpful for your business.

Thank you for inspiration and the birth of this blog: Michael Brenner @B2BMKTGInsider, Susanna Gebauer @dreckbaerfrau, Heidi Cohen @heidicohen, Andrew Davis @TPLDrew, Josh Lowry @Josh_Lowry, Tom Pick @TomPick, Paul Mosenson @NuSparkMktg, Content Marketing Institute @CMIcontent and many others.

Thank you for reading this blog,

Joona Mäntyvaara

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You can see more of my background from LinkedIn

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