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Enlight3My name is Joona Mäntyvaara, B2B Sales Enablement Advisor and Coach. Sales and marketing are in my blood whit a spice of customer experience development and design thinking.

+15 years of experience in B2B sales & marketing and during my career have worked in Business Development and Leadership roles in Software (SaaS), Technology and Professional Services.

My passion is helping organizations to discover business and emotional value proposition and “Job-to-be-done” to lower customer purchasing barriers and drive business with consistency. My current work is helping customers with sales & marketing strategy, design of sales assets, building funnels, and clearing organizational sales challenges.

01c38ca6971cecb56851022aed182ff68afd7cae69My underlying motivation and goal is to help people and companies to succeed. I am here to ignite growth.

I focus on the development of people and organizations with a coaching approach. My strengths are in organizational skills, communication, good social and networking abilities, and positive drive. I am known to be a responsible leader, taking into account the personal aspects of people I work with.

I currently focus on:

1. Business coaching, development, and advisory – Sales Enablement to build organizational sales assets and foundation for sales operation.
2. Help start-ups and technology companies reach out to new markets, create productive partnerships, and build a profitable business globally.



My MISSION is to lift innovative European entrepreneurs in the spotlight and share their stories with the world. I have already met many European entrepreneurs, whose story should get more attention – this is the reason for starting this mission.

“You can make the best movie in the world, but if you don’t tell about it, no one will watch it.”

I do interviews and video recordings for Founders and Co-founders of companies in tech and innovations. If you are interested go to my MISSION https://bspark.eu/my-mission and send me a message.

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episode 4I am a bi-weekly host for a LIVE Show “How not to run a Start-up” and Online educator in Sales Enablement for Business Founders in Europe.

As life is full of content – this blog will be filled by views and insights in B2B Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience. This is a personal blog. I am writing it for love, interest and passion for B2B Sales, Marketing and Customer Experience.  I hope you will find this blog helpful for your business.

Thank you for inspiration and the birth of this blog: Michael Brenner @B2BMKTGInsider, Susanna Gebauer @dreckbaerfrau, Heidi Cohen @heidicohen, Andrew Davis @TPLDrew, Josh Lowry @Josh_Lowry, Tom Pick @TomPick, Paul Mosenson @NuSparkMktg, Content Marketing Institute @CMIcontent and many others.

Thank you for reading this blog,

Joona Mäntyvaara

Follow me on Twitter @j_e_manty

You can see more of my background from LinkedIn

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