Identifying your best B2B potential by prospect mapping

The first egg of the weekYou might have a challenge identifying potential B2B sales leads from the marketplace. You might wonder – how on earth can I find the businesses that are interested of our products or services? And even if you do – what is right time to interact with them?

A lot of people work in a small or midsize company’s where the marketing automation systems are not used. Inbound and outbound lead generation is poor or non existing. In some cases a company uses web analytic tools to track IP’s to see, which companies have visited their website. However, from this information it is very hard to know – Who has actually been viewing the site? It can be anyone from the company. Web leads are a necessary source for your business, but you have also other ways to map and qualify potential leads from the marketplace.

In general, prospect mapping should be a core strategy for your new business development. It gives you the base for starting a lead nurturing and content marketing process, which will definitely help you to shorten sales cycles.

In the following 6 short posts (once a week) I will guide you how to organize a potential mapping for B2B lead generation and marketing. This strategy has been used in many successful B2B marketing campaigns, but it also can be modified to a on going lead generation and content marketing process.

Step 1: Target Group

Step 2: Ask and listen

Step 3: Plan a Content Marketing process

Step 4: Data segmentation

Step 5: Activate

Step 6: Nurturing and Content Marketing

I am happy to get feedback from all B2B Sales and Marketing professionals. I hope this helpful for you. Tell me your way – how do you find the potential from the market and generate sales?

Thank you for inspiration and the birth of this blog: Michael Berner @B2BMKTGInsider, Susanna Gebauer @dreckbaerfrau, Heidi Cohen @heidicohen, Andrew Davis @TPLDrew, Josh Lowry @Josh_Lowry, Tom Pick @TomPick, Paul Mosenson @NuSparkMktg and many many others.

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